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We are the Leaders in Plant Whisperer® technology and innovation! Empowering Growers! Unlocking Plant Epi Genetic Potential using "Photo - Morpho - Genisis, driving plant growth with Light!

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LEC Gives You The Power To Control Your Grow and Maximize Your Yield with Predictable Outcomes!

The versatility of Plant Whisperer® technology gives endless possibilities to growers in all fields.

Simply configure powerful custom light recipes from your smartphone!

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MK X T8 Tube Lighting - in WHITE or PINK

$75 CAD *prices subject to change without notice, allow 8-12 weeks for delivery, does not include applicable taxes, shipping or handling.


-optimized spectrum ideal for vertical farming crops including leafy greens and microgreens.

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Long sophisticated light bulb

"Plant Whisperer" tm Vertical Grow System Seacan

Starting from $40,000 CAD build to Specification - "Veggie Can", "Canni Can", "Mushi Can".

Built to Spec 20′ – 40′ refurbished Sea Can conversion kits

  • Self contained vertical tower grow system
  • “Plant Whisperer” tm lighting technology
  • Envair “Odorox” Hydroxyl Bio Hazard control

Our World Class team of Engineers and Growers will design to Specification your custom Sea Can or Grow Facility or application whether it Cannabis, Micro greens , Mushrooms or Leafy greens CALL TODAY!

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At L.E.C. we believe that global food security is attainable. We strive to develop accessible, innovative technology that works with nature to reduce the impact of food production and other growing processes on the planet.


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We saw the potential for harnessing high-powered, full spectrum LED lights with computers to expand our ability to control the way plants grow, including yield, growth cycle length, defense against pests, and more.


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INVESTORS INFORMATION – Please reach out with questions or inquiries regarding Investment Information or custom orders. Our team would be happy to get in touch with further information.

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