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Light Emitting Computers has incorporated ten years of innovative advancements to bring you the Mark VI Plant Whisperer®, LEC’s first production release light.

Mark VI Plant Whisperer®

The Mark VI Plant Whisperer® combines the latest in energy efficient LED lighting with customizable growth regulation lighting to solve a range of produce growth, ripening and transportation challenges. With the application of the Mark VI Plant Whisperer® growers will be able to grow in a much greater range of indoor locations as well as expand the geographic locations for agriculture such as in northern latitudes and urban locales.

The Mark VI offers total control of the unit’s light spectrum. It comes out of the box with basic lighting recipes suitable for the small scale farmer, home gardener, and specialty grower while also offering customizable programming options for the agricultural innovator.

Key features of the Mark VI

  • Custom designed component LEDs
  • Remotely programmable
  • Independently control eight colours
  • 50.000 hour lifespan
  • Equivalent to 1,000 watt grow light
  • No fans required
  • Waterproof casing
  • Scalable from small space to full greenhouse
  • Two versions: high powered 250W down light and a low profile 80W strip light
  • 5 year warranty

Explore the Mark VI

Stonehenge Lighting Control App
Stonehenge Lighting Control App

Stonehenge Lighting Control App

The Stonehenge6000 Lighting Control App enables the design of highly specific lighting conditions for plants and the ability to control and modify the settings from a smartphone.


Any set of lighting conditions are possible. The system is designed to allow the programming of both cyclic rhythms found in nature and custom designed sequences for specific plant outcomes.


The scale of programmable time in a given cyclic setting can be set from millionths of a second to decades. Fractions of a second are scaled by the decimal system, from microseconds through milliseconds to seconds. From there we use standard celestial markers hours, days, months and years.



Custom Designs for Industry

The versatility of this technology means it is inherently applicable to a nearly endless range of agricultural applications. Custom designs are targeted towards a seamless integration within existing infrastructure. They may replace existing lights or supplement them, depending on the scale and intended use.


Examples of custom applications include:

  • System designs for transport vehicles to control post-harvest ripening
  • As an adjunct to agriculture processes such as seed planting, field tractors and mechanical harvesting
  • Grocery produce display cases for ripening control and to enhance produce aromas while the store is open for business
  • Refrigerator crisper lighting which keeps vegetables fresh and vital
  • Packing plant implementations for disinfection, curing and storage
Ruby Beet Sprouts under Red Light
Ruby Beet Sprouts under Red Light

Pre-programmed lighting recipes target:

  • Germination
  • Sprouting
  • Early Vegetation
  • Vigorous Vegetation
  • Transition to flowering
  • mature stage flowering
  • seed development
  • fruiting






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