How To Use LEC Lights

What can you use an LEC lighting system for?

The applications for an LEC lighting system are nearly endless. Below are some examples of where the lighting may be used in research or business.

If you are interested in Plant Growth Regulation including:

  • Photomorphogenics: A stage-of-life control for plants (germ/vegetative/flowering/fruiting) We have the ability to differentiate plant callus ‘stem cells’ without chemicals.
  • Phototropism: internodal (branching) distancing, overall stature of plant.

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If you are interested in Epigenetics including:

  • predicting/controlling expression of genes during growth
  • suppressing or enhancing specific genes in a given cultivar
  • lots of potential for pharmaceutical research
  • predictable medicinal dosages on any given day of plant development, given a specified and fully sequenced seed genome.

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If you are interested in Phytoplankton/Algae/Fungi Growth Regulation including:

  • Medicines
  • Materials
  • Energy
  • Materials recycling
  • Biological Remediation
  • Environmental Remediation

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If you are interested in Post-Harvest Storage/Transport including:

  • Controlling time of ripening after harvest
  • Managing pre-ripening durability after harvest
  • Predicting and controlling qualities of ripened product

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If you are interested in Seed Storage and Germination including:

  • Sustaining viable dormancy
  • Determining time of germination

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If you are interested in Physics and Biophysics including:

  • Molecular activity modulation
  • Bacterial responses to visible light

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