How the Plant Whisperer® Works

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Through light spectrum manipulation, Plant Whispering unlocks the genetic potential inherent in every plant. Changes in light’s intensity, duration and composition signal to a plant when and how to develop, what characteristics will dominate and the chemical and flavour composition of the resulting fruit and vegetables.


LEC’s Plant Whisperer® customizes plants exposure to light by selecting the strength of each component of the light spectrum applied to the plants. Using precise lighting combinations (light spectrum recipes) plants respond to the Plant Whisperer® by expressing desirable attributes such as improved taste and nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.

SolidSalad_1With Plant Whisperer® technology, what is best in terms of plant characteristics is something the farmer decides.

The Plant Whisperer® offers a novel approach to controlling high-value traits as plants constantly change physiology to adapt to prevailing conditions. Inherent plant attributes are then brought forth based on desired outcomes.

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Let There be Light . . .

Plants respond to light and to components in the light spectrum.

Light spectrum components signal when to start growing, how fast to grow, when to start fruiting and the chemical and nutritional value of the fruit.

The genetic heritage in a plant can be brought out in controlled ways by using the light spectrum to signal and guide the plant’s growth and development.

By adapting to changing light conditions the same plant will generate varying final expressions of itself.

Light Emitting Computers Plant Whisperer® allows independent control of influential components of the light spectrum.



How Light is Produced by the Plant Whisperer® SystemPower Allocation Pie 8 Channel

Phytochrome Far Red Light: accelerates flowering. It can also be used to force a seeded perennial plant back into a vegetative state for cloning. This component is also important for seeds and sprouting.

Deep Red: accelerates the generation of chlorophyll a.

Bright Red: accelerates the generation of chlorophyll b.

Deep Green Light: flowering plants use Deep Green Light to detect if they are being shadowed by other plants. Deep green will also control inter-nodal distancing for branches, giving the farmer control over whether a plant will become bushy or spindly.

Deep Blue Light: Influential in the generation of chlorophyll a.

Bright Blue Light: Influential in the generation of chlorophyll b.

Golden Amber Light: triggers carotene production, significantly boosting carbohydrate storage and biomass.


An Example of the Effects of the Plant Whisperer® System

Kaffir Lime trees are native to tropical areas in Asia such as India, Thailand and Malaysia. The trees in this time lapse video were grown under a Plant Whisperer® Mark V light on Vancouver island in British Columbia, Canada. The light recipe was developed by Dr Folta to encourage citrus tree growth.