About Light Emitting Computers

Light Emitting Computers is an innovation-based company committed to improving food security while reducing the impact of food production on the planet. These goals are achieved by enhancing naturally existing attributes in plants through the application of light spectrum manipulation.

Company History

Light Emitting Computers (LEC) was founded by Jeffery Bucove in 2008 following half a decade of research into the technology’s applicability and viability.

Quality Control at LEC
Quality Control at LEC

In the mid 1990’s Mr Bucove took an interest in the application of LED technology in agriculturally-related industries. Predicting that at a point in the near future LED would prove powerful enough to be applied to agricultural lighting, Mr. Bucove began intensely researching the electromagnetic energy needs of the plant kingdom.

Mr. Bucove discovered much of the current peer-reviewed material had been written by Dr. Kevin Folta from the University of Florida. With kind assistance from Dr. Folta, Mr. Bucove initiated building a detailed database of how specific wavelengths affected angiosperm generally and how those various colours of light combined to generate lush and healthy growth.

* Please note that all assistance from Dr. Kevin Folta has been provided for free. Dr. Folta is not currently, and has never been paid for his assistance to LEC. We are deeply grateful for his expertise, and willingness to volunteer his time to our project.*

With the success of the second Plant Whisperer® prototype Mr. Bucove was able to demonstrate the viability of the technology and he began seeking ways to secure IP on the technology, focusing first on agricultural applications. It was clear the inherent efficiency and durability of LEDs would be key factors in that industry’s ability to utilize the technology.

The third prototype demonstrated modulation of spectrum over time. This key innovation made the system a truly novel, and now patented, concept.

Commitment to the Environment

Light Emitting Computers was born out of a desire to reduce the impact of food production activities on the Earth. Our company is managed with an intent to mitigate the impact of our own business activities on the planet.

  • We have implemented a return to factory packaging program so the packing materials will be used numerous times in order to minimize waste
  • In some industries the lights will be built into the packaging which will form part of the housing for the lighting install
  • When packaging materials have reached the end of their life cycle they will be recycled

Board of Directors

Mr. Jack Jazlowiecki President, Director

Mr. Wayne Arthur Davis CEO, Director

Mr. Chris Dziadyk Operations, Director

Mr. Khurshid Alam CTO


Dr. Kevin M. Folta PhD
–  Department Chair, Horticultural Sciences Department and Graduate Program in Plant Molecular
and Cellular Biology, University of Florida Gainesville

Mr. Robert Bennet, COO, Program Director

Brent York

Kendrick Cheung, CPA, CGA
–Kendrick Cheung Accounting