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At Light Emitting Computers, Inc. we are passionate about cultivation. Our Plant Whisperer® technology offers a more efficient approach to agriculture, aquaponics, horticulture and other food-related sectors through the precise use of growth regulation lighting.

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Food security is one of the world’s most pressing issues.

Solutions will require innovative technologies that work with nature to reduce the impact of food production on the planet.

Light Emitting Computers is dedicated to bringing nature’s ingenuity to light through cutting edge, practical lighting applications.

The Plant Whisperer®

Our patented hands-off growth regulation technology uses only light to influence the way plants grow.

The Mark VI Intelligent Lighting System is the first completely programmable lighting system. Eight independently programmable colour channels offer a huge range of options for application to customized growing needs.

The Plant Whisperer® is also a tool scientists can use to learn more about how light affects plants. Researchers are able to build on the Plant Whisperer® recipes by applying modified recipes to a broad spectrum of plants.


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